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About Us

About Medisynbio

Gut-microbiome that is established as the other organ is our focus.


At Medisynbio we take a holistic approach where we create an ecosystem for the microbiota to thrive and deliver personalized health benefits.


We nurture and nourish the microbiome of each individual for evidence based results. Our nourishment for the tiny bugs in you can make you mighty with good health, hence our tag line “A Tiny Nourishment for a Mighty You”.

It is clinically established that Dysbiosis is a contributing factor in development of chronic inflammatory conditions not limited to Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) (which comprises of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), Cardiovascular disease, Arthritis, Chronic kidney disease, obesity, cancer etc.


Given the complexity with trillions of microbes that shape and define the microbiota, attempting to restore strain by strain or few strains at a time can be futile exercise. Most importantly the strains cannot thrive with out the fermentable fibers (prebiotics), hence our synbiotic approach.

We use patented Synbiotic formulas that are clinically proven to remedy dysbiosis and ongoing inflammatory insult. We are pioneers in using Human Milk Oligosaccharides in synbiotic approach with real word clinical efficacy data. Our prebiotic components provide a blend of fermentable fibers that nourishes diverse gut flora resulting in improved levels of all SCFAs (Butyrate, Propionate and Acetate) there by improving colonocyte health and reduction of inflammatory biomarkers. 

Our clinical data with permanent remission in crohns patient is not only exciting but is revolutionary in leveraging the power of microbiome for overall health. We can make a difference in the clinical outcome of every chronic inflammatory condition by modulating the gut-biome. Try our products for better health and experience the “Microbiome Powered Health”

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